Would you like free National Lottery tickets?

Would you like to get free national lottery tickets simply by searching the internet? You do it every day anyway so why not give yourself the opportunity for a lottery win at the same time?

And it is so easy. All you have to do is create a free account and begin searching. Then for every 25 searches you make you get a free lottery ticket. How great is that?   

Here’s how it works.

Be advised that this is only available within the UK and can only be used by people living in the UK.

After you have created your free account simply use this search engine as your default (the search results come from Yahoo so you’ll see what you’re looking for) instead of your usual search engine. Perform just 25 searches and get an entry in to the UK national lottery as a member of a syndicate containing just ten people - one of which of course is you.

After you qualify for your free ticket you will be notified of your syndicate’s numbers on a Friday. You can print off a copy of your numbers and see if you’ve won.  And if your syndicate is a winner then you get your share paid to you in to your PayPal account or bank transfer.

You will receive one Lotto entry for every 25 unique searches you perform, up to a maximum of two tickets per a week. The first 10 unique searches you make each day will qualify towards this.

You are able to print off your lottery tickets and watch the draw live on the TV. Alternatively, login to your account and click on My Lottery Tickets.

Your Lotto entry will be for a genuine UK National Lottery ticket (the same draw that is made every Saturday night on TV). Each National Lottery ticket is shared by a syndicate of 10 randomly selected users one of which is you of course.

Get your free lottery tickets each week. Please click below to create your account and start searching towards your entries.

Get free lottery tickets simply by searching the web with SearchLotto

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