"I'm going to show you poker strategies, techniques and tips which can take YOU in to the money on a regular basis by playing in on-line sit-and-go poker tournaments."

I have written a comprehensive 22-chapter poker ebook which is packed full of tips, techniques and strategies that can turn you in to a winning tournament poker player even if you've never played Texas Hold 'Em Poker before.

I'm going to share with you the same strategies I personally use to win money playing in "sit-and-go" Texas Hold 'Em poker tournaments- and I'm going let you get the ebook without charge.

"OK, sounds great doesn't it - but what exactly is your ebook going to show me?"

That's a very fair question. Let me give you an overview of what my ebook contains.

Sit-and-go tournament play: Strategies for "in the money" finishes.
The different types of tournaments.
How they work.
Which ones to play in and which to avoid.
Watch, look and learn - how to "play the player."
Strategy and adopting changes to it.
Why size is important.
How to "come back from the dead."
Why where you are sat in relation to the dealer is often more powerful than the cards you're holding.
How to "steal" chips from your opponents.
Strategies to beat certain types of player you will encounter.

And there's more!
How to pick up clues about the cards your opponents are holding.
An easy way to keep private notes on your opponents - invaluable next time you play a tournament with any of those players again.
A look at multi-table tournaments and a strategy for them - go all the way to the world series of poker finals.

And remember - it's yours for nothing!

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