Pokerbility - Hand Odds Calculator.

How would you like a professional poker player in your pocket? What if, every time you sat down to play online poker, Doyle Brunson sat down next to you? Would you win more often, be more profitable, and have more fun with a professional poker player sharing their deep expertise with you while you play? Of course you would!

Online poker is not unlike poker in the real world. Online casinos are every bit as exciting and betting are just as aggressive. What this means is that although you have your face hidden behind your computer's monitor, you still have to bring your A-game to every hand.

In fact, tides could turn much faster in online games because there aren't too many "reads" and random talks going on. Not everything is exactly the same however. One extreme advantage of playing online poker, is that you have more room to operate on. What we mean by that is that you have more time to study and weigh bets.

Calculated risks never carried as much literal meaning as it does in online gambling, with the right tools you can do just that. Poker is a game of odds, understanding them is one thing but mastering it is another, with Pokerbility you just became a step closer to the latter. It might not mean much at first, but when you find yourself on the verge of winning a huge pot, you'll need all the help you can get you hands on.

With the Pokerbility software, you get all of the expertise custom-designed to help you win at online poker -- and you don't even have to feed it lunch. Pokerbility is a software program designed to be your partner while you play poker. It will display the odds of every hand in a clear, easy to understand format, giving you the information you need to make the right decisions every time.

Pokerbility is a poker odds calculator, the most accurate of its kind using the patent-pending CombiCalc™ Calculation Method. This method will provide you with the rank, the odds, and the probabilities based on your current hand and how the table is playing. By running calculations using combinations, permutations, and simulation calculations,

Pokerbility does the difficult math instantly for you, which leaves you the time you need to play your hand correctly. There are two ways to approach providing you the most accurate information and odds on your hands.

The first, and most common, method that is used by poker odds calculators is to run game simulations -- a computer at high speed will play hands out to determine what the odds are that your particular hand win.

The second method involves using calculations without the simulation -- a useful method for pre-flop play. Pokerbility is the only poker odds calculator that combines these two approaches to provide you with powerhouse advice every time.

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Of course, what use is a poker odds calculator if it is incompatible with your favorite poker room? Fortunately, the makers of Pokerbility have thought of that and provide compatibility with about 50 different online poker rooms.

The biggest and most popular rooms are all covered, including Party Poker, Empire Poker, Poker Stars, Royal Vegas Poker, PokerRoom, EuroPoker, and DoylesRoom. Whether you are a beginner or an expert when it comes to online poker play, Pokerbility will give you an edge over everyone else at your table.

Poker is all about making the right decisions all of the time -- a daunting task, to be sure. With Pokerbility by your side you will have the information you need to make the right decisions at your fingertips. You can adjust the program to reflect your playing style. If you are playing looser, Pokerbility will adjust -- if you need to tighten up, Pokerbility will tell you what you need to do.

Real-time probability calculations and a clear direction of how to play the hand are invaluable to today's online poker player. Intuitive, friendly, easy to use; Pokerbility is your ace in the hole. With the most accurate odds calculations using the CombiCalc™ Calculation Method, Pokerbility is like having your own poker professional partner, helping you win more often in more consistently.

Pokerbility - Hand Odds Calculator


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