Swiss Casino is a great place to play all the best card games.

Swiss Casino Games is a great place to enjoy a wide selection of all your favorite games. This is also true for the many choices they offer when it comes to casino card games. Of course they have all of the most popular games that any casino worth their salt would have like Poker, Casino Holdem, Blackjack, Baccarat, and tons of other games that you might not have played before. A couple of these great but little known games are Tequila Poker and Red Dog Poker which I’ll go into in more detail later.

But to start off let’s go over the basic games, that’s probably what most people are interested in. If you are here to play Blackjack and Poker then you are going to be a happy camper as those two favorites are here and they are very fun to play at this casino. You won’t ever encounter any lag like you might find at other online casinos, your game will remain smooth and fast throughout the life of your game play. If you are a Baccarat player you’ll find that this game also operates quite nicely. Just like the previous two games you’ll enjoy a smooth, crisp, and pleasantly designed game. This might surprise you if you have played at other online casinos.

With the big dogs out of the way let’s talk about those first 2 rare games I mentioned earlier. First I’ll go over Red Dog Poker. This game caught me by surprise, it’s actually quite fun. The game play style is very similar to “over” or “under”. Two cards will be dealt and if they are not sequential or a pair, you’ll be able to make a bet on whether or not the third card will fall between the initial two that were dealt. Let me give you an example to make things crystal clear, if the first 2 cards dealt were a jack and a 5, you’d be betting on whether or not the third card would be between 6 and 10. Quite simple and very fun once you get into it.

The other game that not many people know about but deserves a larger player base is Tequila Poker. There are two different versions of this game. The first if High Tequila, you take the five highest cards from your hand and try to go over a certain number when you add them up. In the other version you just take the five best cards from your hand and try to make the best poker hand possible with the minimum being a pair of aces.

Take your time to explore the other games they offer and most important of all have fun! 

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