V.I.P Poker Points Program - the more you play, the more YOU can earn!

Get something back from your poker win or not!

Every real money hand you play awards you points. - and that's in torunaments as well as cash games! Use our special calculator below to see how much you could earn!

How do I earn Points?

Points are awarded to players for each hand in which they participate, as long as the hand is raked, no matter whether the player contributed to the pot by placing a blind or a bet, or whether the player folded. Tournament Players also earn Points, at a standard rate of 17 Points for every $1 in Tournament fees collected.

Why do all players earn Points at the same rate?

Rewards to players are based on their game play. The more you play, the more rewards you will get - it's as simple as that. If you play at higher stakes, you will earn Points faster than someone who plays at lower stakes. All players earn Points equally, but those who play more, will get more rewards.

What can I get for my Points?

Cash in your Points for Cash Bonuses or Tournament Tokens.

Wow - I'm in. Can I calculate how many points I might earn?

Yes you can - please use the special calculator below. Select whether you play in cash games, tournaments or both then select from the drop down boxes below.

When you're ready, click "calculate" or "go" and see what you can be earning by playing poker. Next it's easy to jump in and join the action by simply clicking the "Play Now" button. What will you do with your V.I.P points?


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