Why Poker Over Other Games?

When met with the wide range of opportunities for online gaming, many players ask themselves and others “Why should I play this game rather than a million other games that are on offer out there?”

The truth is that Online Poker is essentially different to all other online casino games for one main reason: you are actually playing against real, living, breathing, thinking people who are on the ‘other side of the screen rather than against the house. And this is a huge difference, because you know what they say about the house…’it always wins!’

The house in Poker makes its money not by collecting your losses on wagers but by charging a fee that facilitates the game operation. Essentially, the house rents seats at the poker table or takes a percentage of winnings for each won pot. On the other hand, dice games, wheel games and card games such as blackjack are always skewed in favour of the house.

A fantastic poker player can expect consistent winnings and performance against other players as they would in real life. And while Poker does have an element of luck, this is ultimately a game of skill and experience.

The law recognizes the claim of Poker being a game of skill. While many games are illegal and fall under the definition of ‘chance’ or ‘luck’ games, poker is widely regarded, even by law authorities, as a game of skill, and is actually authorized in jurisdictions where gambling is not. This makes poker rather unique among online games that fall under the gaming and gambling umbrella.

Assuming that your skill level as an online poker player is up to par, all that is left is to put your true skills to the test and start winning online as you would in offline poker.

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